the mission


For more than 15 years we have been dealing professionally with the challenges posed by digitisation and technological developments in the media and marketing industry. We have worked for corporations, companies, agencies and start-ups and gained important experience. During this time, we have seen in particular that strategies for further development can only be successfully implemented if basic knowledge and understanding of the topics are available and individual areas of company and responsibility work together across functions. To this end, new competencies must be acquired and organizational structures, roles and processes must be changed and supplemented.

On the basis of these experiences we have decided to create RIPTIDE DIGITAL.

the idea



Riptide is an ocean current that occurs on coasts and can become a danger as it pulls swimmers out into the open sea. Instead of simply swimming sideways, inexperienced swimmers try to swim against this current and get tired very quickly. Water sports enthusiasts and surfers, on the other hand, like to use surf back currents to get beyond the surf to the open sea without much effort.

For many companies, digitalisation is still more of a risk than an opportunity. We help you to see digitisation as an opportunity and show you how you can use it for your purposes.  We were also inspired by a TV series from the 80s. Two private detectives are supported by a "computer expert" in their investigations and thus really successful - the original series is called Riptide.

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Digitalisation sometimes makes it difficult to derive concrete projects from challenges. Together we will find a solution and a way of working together.

we strive for exchange 

Many requirements only arise in the course of a consultation and are still changing. A regular exchange is accordingly important to us and an integral part of our cooperation.


Our aim is always to successfully complete a project. Realistic objectives and achievable partial objectives are therefore elementary for us.