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As an independent consulting agency we help companies to use technological and data-driven possibilities of digitization for marketing, sales and the further development of their business models. Our goal is to empower organization and management to use digital disciplines successfully. We accompany the introduction of new ways of working, the development of necessary structures, the development of teams and provide networking.

Your Situation

If you

  • know current technical developments from Web 2.0 & 3.0 and can classify them for your business
  • understand more by blockchain than just Bitcoin and know the relevance of this technology
  • are able to view, control and report on your marketing in a holistic way
  • no longer distinguish between digital and classical measures
  • have broken open internal silos and all customer- and sales-oriented divisions are working together
  •  see "agile" no longer as a buzz word and "sprints" mean no stress for your organization
  • have synchronised the activities of your own organisation, agencies and external service providers
  • master and exploit the technologies you use (as well as the possibilities offered by data usage and analysis)
  • are able to respond with your company to market and structural changes thanks to an existing culture of innovation
  • have already created the framework conditions for the successful exploitation of the opportunities offered by digitisation for your marketing, your teams and the further development of your business model

... you have already reached a high level of digital maturity.  That pleases us, keep it up.


We help to explore ways to leverage current and emerging digital technologies and enable your organization to use them for your strategies for the further development of your business models and marketing activities.


Based on a comprehensive stocktaking and supported by targeted knowledge transfers, we enable our clients to formulate their own strategy, taking into account and exploiting current technological possibilities as well as existing and necessary competencies of the team. Our independence ensures that we advise our clients in the best possible way, and our expertise helps them to make the right decisions. Together we develop a vision, break it down into achievable sub-projects and individual objectives and create a roadmap for the implementation of the strategy.


Each strategy is implemented by its own organisation. The coordination of all internal and external resources as well as the service providers and agencies involved is a major effort. Internal hurdles and a lack of expertise make implementation difficult. Through our consulting services, we help your organization to successfully implement its strategy and also support you in your search for the right personnel. We promote collaboration, agility, innovation and the formation of areas of responsibility and structures. We are happy to use the role distributions of the SCRUM framework.


We help you choose the technologies, platforms and channels that will enable you to interact properly with your customers. The goal of our consulting is to exploit and scale the technological possibilities of digitization.  It is particularly important to promote the interaction of the technologies and disciplines used and to ensure that they are synchronized at all times. Ongoing analyses, adjustments and optimizations, as well as the development of necessary competencies are important for the effective use of technologies.  A gain in efficiency is achieved when digital technologies are used in a targeted, controlled and effective manner.


The demands on Management & Leadership are fundamentally changing due to digitalization. In addition to knowledge and understanding of current digital technologies and their strategic classification, management has the task of promoting changing workflows, building and expanding digital competencies and creating a culture of innovation within the company.  Every movement, even in individual areas of the company, has an effect on the entire organization. Our workshop and coaching services will help you expand your leadership skills to meet the demands of digitalization and exploit the potential of technology to develop your business and employees.

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